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Wedding & Portrait Photographer: Insider’s Guide

Should I get to know my Wedding & Portrait Photographer? For real? ……. YES Absolutely!! The more you get to know your photographer the more comfortable you are behind the camera and the more amazing your images will turn out. Getting to know one another builds trust between the client and the photographer, which is why Adore Studio’s photographers want to share their story with you! So grab your coffee and take a seat. Here is the insider’s guide to the Adore Studio Photographers!

why we became a photographer

Williamsville Photo Studio Grand Opening Portrait Wedding Photography

Hi, Dana & Tracey here! We’re proud to say we have been a photography duo and besties for 15 years. We both believe that fate brought us together, but our journey actually began at Villa Maria College, in Buffalo, where we both graduated as photography majors. After graduation, we both started shooting weddings for a Buffalo Photographer and were randomly selected to photograph a wedding together as a team.

This my friends, was when the dynamic duo was born! We realized how in-sync we worked and photographed together. Our combined photographic styles that are romantic, classy & airy were a perfect match.  Not to mention the fun we had with one another and the countless laughs. 

Months later, we scheduled a girls trip to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate New Year’s Eve. While we were basking on a beautiful beach, Dana stated that she was going to start her own wedding photography business named Dana Marie Photography and wanted Tracey to be the second shooter. So, as soon as we returned home to a “not so warm” Buffalo, New York, we got right to work. At this point, we had no idea the amount of joy and happiness photographing weddings would provide the both of us. Once the photography business got up and running we could have never imaged working with such amazing couples.

Classic Wedding Albright Knox in Buffalo - Adore Studio

a passion for wedding photography

After we completed our first wedding season, we realized how lucky we were to have such an awesome job! We ADORE everything about wedding photography! The ring, the dress, the cake, the flowers, the bride, the groom, the church, the vows, the bridal party, the food, the speeches, the venue & the dance party. Our list could go on and on!

Pink Wedding Reception Details The Foundry Buffalo

But do you know what we truly love about being wedding photographers? It’s the fact that we can use our creative skills to capture our couples most memorable, beautiful day of their lives and our pictures are the heirloom to their love story. With that said, we could not be more grateful to our couples for selecting us to be part of their special day.

After 10 years of capturing wedding photography for amazing couples, we had an idea! We love celebrating people and how beautiful love can be. We thought, let’s start a portraiture studio where we can celebrate woman’s beauty, stories, everyday accomplishments & life journeys through our photos. The more and more we discussed this new adventure the more and more passionate we both became on making this idea a reality.

and so our photography studio was born

First things first, we needed a photo studio that we could call home. So we put our commercial real estate hats on and started our search. Months went by and we, unfortunately, could not find a space that suited us. Until one spring day, we were walking in the Historic Village of Williamsville and saw this vacant, dark, little shop with no rent sign on the window. While we both planted our faces as close as we possibly could on the outside window to see what was inside, we both started visualizing the potential of this space. We took one look at one another and said: “Gosh Darn It, we are going to make this place our home!” So we took action, we made a few calls, hunted down who owned the building and worked our magic until the keys were in our hands! #BOSSBABES

We put our hard hats, LITERALLY on & got to work. This place was in need of some intense TLC!  We started knocking out ceilings, ripping down wallpaper, painting just about everything, putting in floors and doing a full-blown transformation to this space! Phew, we’re in need of a glass of wine just thinking about it! With some amazing help from loved ones, we were able to get this workspace into shape in no time.

On June 1st, 2017, Adore Studio was born! We celebrated with all of our family and friends at our Grand Opening Party! We had live music, desserts from the “The Cheesecake Guy” food truck, some delicious pizza from DiCamillo’s, beverages , Sparkly Table Linens & enough love and support from family and friends than we could have ever imagined!

celebrate yourself with a beauty portrait

So here we are, all settled into our wonderful Williamsville photo studio. We could not be more excited to start taking portraits of our clients! One of the first portrait sessions we shot in our space was a beauty portrait of one another. Why a beauty portrait you ask? Well, we wanted to celebrate and capture this special time in our lives. We knew each time we looked at these portraits, we would be reminded of what we had accomplished and the beauty behind all of our hard work. You see, there is always a story behind every portrait. And we, at Adore Studio believe that these stories need to be celebrated and shared through our images. Our portrait photography is created for people to ADORE & treasure forever.  

Now that you have heard OUR story, we invite you to share YOURS through a portrait session at Adore Studio. 

Adore Studio would like to THANK everyone, especially our vendors that helped make our Studio Grand Opening a great success!

Dessert: The Cheesecake Guy

Linens: BLVD Wedding Concepts

Food: DiCamillo’s Bakery

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