How to Prepare for a Personal Brand Session

May 26, 2023

How to prepare for a personal brand session? Creating a personal brand is all about setting yourself apart from the competition. Your personal brand is what makes you and your business unique! It’s what makes you a relatable, authentic, go-to professional instead of just blending in with everyone else in your field. While putting together your personal brand involves a lot of different parts, your personal brand photos can really make or break your entire image.

So how can you make sure your personal brand photos really pop? Here are my top three tips to feeling confident in front of the camera!

Look your best
It may sound obvious, but it’s true! All of our packages here at Adore Photo Studio include a professional Hair and Makeup session to help you accomplish that goal. There is no greater feeling than walking into your session with your best face forward. What goes best with professional hair and makeup? A great outfit. Which leads us to my next big tip…

Choose your wardrobe carefully
Wear something that makes you feel confident and that tells your audience about who you are.
It’s not a secret that your outfit can change how people perceive you! You should always choose outfits that match the industry and the clients you are wanting to attract. If you’re struggling with ideas, check out Pinterest – there are plenty of examples to help guide you! Or, look at these brand sessions for some inspiration!

Use props
Here’s the final way for how to prepare for a personal brand session. Bring props! This can be anything that shows off what you do. If you’re a florist, arrange your art in front of the camera. If you’re in Real Estate, show off you selling a house or staging the perfect decor! No matter what you do, a personal brand photo session is meant to show it to your clients. Bring anything that matches your story you want to sell!

Remember: your personal brand should be an accurate reflection of you. As long as you’re sharing your
authentic self with the world, your intended audience will eat it up. Your personal brand photoshoot
shouldn’t be about trying to be something you’re not — it’s about making sure you present the absolute
best and most confident version of yourself to the world. So embrace those qualities that make you
uniquely you!

If you’re looking for the perfect, professional brand photographer with over 20 years of experience in making brands show up online, let’s talk! Just fill out this form to get a free consultation!

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