Lindsay Hyatt

February 7, 2023


Today we are continuing to highlight the amazing women I get to work with. Let me introduce to you Lindsay Hyatt. A conversational copywriter, branding enthusiast and transformation coach who loves the Bills. Lindsay has close to two decades of marketing experience and has empowered her clients to use their voice to attract their ideal audience. So, it was time for Lindsay to get some photos that empowered her. If you want to see how Lindsay used her branding images – check out her website!

Lindsay and I spent our time jamming out to some good music, traveling around buffalo to her favorite spots and chatting non-stop about how much she loves her job. She told me that she continues to do copywriting and business coaching because she “wants to show her family that there is another way outside of the traditional 9-5 — a way to make a great living by doing what you love.” This is something all business owners can relate to – I know I definitely can!

I’ve been in the photography game consistently for 20 years. In fact, it’s the only game I’ve ever been in! Some may wonder, why? What is it about photography that has kept you interested for all of these years? It’s because I get to meet women like Lindsay. On a daily basis I get to give them the confidence to step into their power by simply showing them what everyone else sees. 

Lindsay said it best – “I can honestly say that my session with Dana changed the direction of my entire brand, and helped me finally step fully into the authentic business woman I am. It has made such a difference in the way I show up for myself, my clients and my audience.”

I am so grateful that Lindsay took the leap into showing not only her audience, but herself what an amazing, powerful business owner she truly is. Professional headshots help you level up your business in such a simple, yet unbelievably impactful way. Wanting to feel like the boss lady you are? Let’s talk!

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