An Expert Guide on Professional Headshots

April 22, 2018

In today’s digital world it is very important to have a professional headshot taken. A headshot is a crucial marketing tool that allows professionals to visually communicate who they are and what they do in their work field.

professional headshot benefits

A professional headshot allows an individual to tell their careers story. It shows clients who the professional is and where they want to go. It makes them distinctively standout from the crowd. A powerful headshot states that the professional is not afraid to put themselves out there and get the job done.

what is a professional headshot?

A headshot is a picture of a person’s face who is making direct eye contact with the camera. The photographer will pose the professional in 2-3 simple poses. The demeanor that is showcased in this type of image is welcoming, confident & professional.

a headshot is more than a close-up picture

Don’t just use any picture when it comes to your business or job. Make sure to use a professional one that was taken by a reputable photographer. Remember a picture speaks a thousand words. That is why it is so important to invest the time and money into your career future. Don’t let clients or employers first impression of yourself be a picture that was taken off a phone. Have it be a headshot taken by a professional. When you have a powerful headshot, you will get noticed.

the ADORE professional portrait process

The first step of the professional headshot process is to schedule a pre-consultation meeting. This meeting takes place prior to scheduling the portrait session. At this meeting, we will discuss all of the details of the photoshoot.

what to expect at the photoshoot

The in-studio session is up to 1-hour long and the professional will be photographed in one outfit in front of one background set. The photographer will fully guide and direct them into poses that will make them look they’re very best.

portrait turnaround time

Portraits will be ready to view 1-2 weeks after the photo session. Image viewing options are through an online gallery.  You will view 15 + images from your session. Your finial image that comes with your package will be fully retouched and ready to use. Headshot portraits are used for business cards, website bio pictures, linked in-profiles, advertisements and email signatures.

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