How to Use Business Branding Portraits to Stand Out in your Field

April 22, 2018

Interested in taking your career and professional image to a whole new level? Business Branding Portraits are for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to take a major step forward in their business marketing.

What is a business branding portrait?

Business Branding or also known as Personal Branding Portraits are a variety of professional images shot by a photographer.  They showcase the individual and their brand. These images aren’t your typical headshot portrait. They’re not only a close-up of ones face. There’s no posing, expression, image cropping or wardrobe style restrictions. Business branding portraits are focused on showcasing the individual’s personality and business brand.

the benefits of a business branding portrait

Business Branding Portraits go beyond capturing just the individual and who they are. They visually showcase and communicate their business’s brand. They are a powerful tool that assists in establishing oneself as an expert in their industry. Combining professional content with professional photographs will assist with clients taking the professional and they’re brand seriously.

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how to use a business branding portrait

Business branding portraits are used for a variety of different online platforms and printed marketing materials. The most common uses for business branding images are:

  • Social media profile, cover and/or banner.
  • Website landing page or website bio page.
  • Marketing and print materials such as a newsletter, business card, promotional flyer, stationary & advertisements.
  • Email profile picture and signature.

 the business branding portrait process

The first step of ADORE’s Business Branding process is to schedule a pre-consultation. At this meeting, we’ll discuss details on how you would like to be photographed, wardrobe/background options and how these images will be utilized.  You will also receive a workbook to help identify your brand style. At the end of the meeting, we will schedule the photo session.

what to expect at a business branding session

Business branding portraits are photographed in-studio or/and on-location. Packages are customized to client’s needs. The session is approximately 2-4 hours long and the client will be photographed in multiple outfits in front of  different background sets or at different locations.  I will fully guide and direct the you into poses that will make you look your very best.

Business Branding Portrait Session : Behind the Scenes

Business branding image turnaround time?

Portraits will be ready to view 1-2 weeks after the photo session. Image viewing options are through an online gallery or an in-person reveal.  All images included in the viewing are fully retouched and ready for the final selection. Digital files of the selections are available immediately for use.

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