Professional Headshot: The Key to Realtors Marketing Success

April 18, 2018

All real estate agents need a professional headshot of themselves. Here at Adore Studio my team & I understand that a realtor’s life is unbelievably busy and fast-paced. That’s why we want to share this simple visual marketing technique with you. Let me introduce you to the professional headshot, which is a tool that will benefit your business immensely.

the  professional  headshot

In the real estate business, having a professional headshot is crucial to your image and business branding. Agents are not only selling properties, they are selling themselves. A professional portrait headshot provides the ability to visually showcase YOU, the agent to your clients.

Buffalo Headshot Photography

realtor’s  building  trust  with  clients

Professional headshot’s assist in building trust with your clients. Building trust isn’t just by informing potential clients you’re a realtor. It’s by visually showing them who you are. Having a professional presence in your marketing materials and online is essential in today’s marketplace. The more face-time you show, the more trustworthy you become to them. Let your images help build your relationship with your clients.

Business Branding Portrait by Adore Studio on Realtor Marketing Materials


show  updated  portraits  of  yourself  to  clients

One mistake realtors make over and over again is utilizing an old headshot of themselves on their current marketing material. Just remember agents, last year was so last year. Styles & trends change over time and so do you. You need to look current and relevant in today’s marketplace. Your headshots need to express who you are today and where you are going tomorrow. Your clients must see a current professional portrait of you on your marketing material & listings to recognize who you are!

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  1. Fred Gibbons says:

    It’s awesome that you elaborate on how having professional headshots can help make you more successful as a real estate agent. I want to become a professional real estate agent in the near future, so I’m considering hiring a photographer to take some headshots for me. I’m going to see if there’s a good photographer in my area who does headshots.

    • Dana Marie says:

      Thank you for the kind feedback Fred, its definitely worth having your images taken by a professional. I hope you find someone in your area that can help you achieve your goals. Where are you located?

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